Eco-Friendly Carpet Tiles

Eco-Friendly Carpet Tiles

Made for You with the environment in mind.

The DuraSquares® process takes consumer products, such as PET water bottles and remelts them into fibers. Ecofriendly pigments, not dyes, are added to provide colors that are resistant to bleach and sunlight. PLA fibers, which are made from corn, are used to provide the binder that creates excellent abrasion resistance as opposed to most carpets that use latex.


Every step of the process takes place in the USA. The Peel n’ Stick adhesive is applied carefully and the tiles are cut with lasers*, to assure a perfectly straight, beveled cut. A release film is applied to protect the adhesive and easy-to-follow directional arrows assure perfect alignment.

At the end of your use, you may send the used tiles or other product back to us (prepaid) and we will recycle them back into new tiles.

*Patents Pending