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Design With Durasquares

Here are some how-to's to help you envision your project coming to life with the help of DuraSquares.  Creativity welcome!

How To: Transform a spare Bedroom into a Home Office


Out with the doldrums in with the new professional space. Make your home office a sanctuary from the chaos
of the house with Duraquares great professional looking carpet tiles and runners. Whether for deadening sound,
comfort for your feet, finishing a bedroom into an office with Durasquares is a snap and creates a space you'll
be proud to share with a customer or co-workers.

How To: Make the basement or the garage into a Child's Playroom or a
Teen Hang-out


Transform that empty space into a safe and kid-friendly hangout. Easy to clean yet trendy + stylish our
Duraquares can reflect the fashion sense of the coolest dude or prettiest fashionista. And when the
mood moves on to a new age, the easy to remove and replace can be transitioned into an empty nester's
dream come true.

How To: Rejuvenate your home and give it an edge when it's for sale
 (without breaking the bank).


Help for Homeowners is more than a catch phrase here at Durasquares! We understand you need to update +
upgrade in order to sell in today's market. We also understand you need to be able to do-it-yourself and not
spend the next mortgage payment trying to get the look you need. We offer fantastic looks at equity preserving prices!