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The DuraSquares® family of home products from carpet tiles to rugs and runners shows the benefits of the complete closed-loop system of Green-Fibers™.

All are made from luxurious, highly resilient polyester made from recycled post consumer PET. All colors are sunlight and bleach resistant.

The products may be recycled back into polyester carpet after use.

DuraSquares® Carpet Tiles

Luxurious polyester from post consumer PET.
Peel and Stick non-slip backing.
Size: 18” x 18” (2.25 sq ft)

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DuraSquares® Area Rugs

Pre-cut, non fray carpets in luxurious polyester from post consumer PET.
Size: 5’ x 8’’

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DuraSquares® Runners

Durable, non-slip carpet runners to protect your floors.
Sizes: 30" X 12’

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DuraSquares® Pole Protectors

Pre-cut carpet with adhesive to wrap poles in garages and basements for safety, comfort, and vehicle damage protection.
Size: 12" wide X 6' tall
Fits: 3" and 3.5" garage and basement columns

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DuraSquares® are designer carpet tiles made from 100% post-consumer PET bottles. The designer colors are made from pigments that are both bleach and sunlight resistant, so they can handle whatever your life throws their way.

The tiles are available in a wide range of colors and two textures. The squares are 18" x 18" or 2.25 square feet and come with a durable adhesive system to hold them in place. Easy to install using standard household tools they are can quickly to add zest to any interior. 

Green Carpet Tiles

From inception to final disposition, Durasquares® come from recycled materials and can be recycled again. Duraquares®’ stewardship of the entire manufacturing chain ensures that our customers’ purchase will have minimal effect on the environment.

The Green-Fibers™ specialty blend of recycled PET are used when creating DuraSquares® Carpet Tiles.  One square of carpet tile can take approximately 19 20-ounce PET bottles out of the landfill.